The following is helpful information on how you can become involved and support the Hunger Challenge.

Where can I donate?

Entries can be done by clicking on the link below:

What is the Hunger Challenge?
The Hunger Challenge is a fun project aimed at raising funds to support sustainable project to fight the challenge of World Hunger and at the same time create global awareness of this solvable problem where over 821 million people do not have enough food to eat.

When does it take place?
The second edition of the Hunger Challenge will take place on World Food way 16 October 2021.

Where will this event take place?
Supporters from around the world can join and support the project by donating or entering one of the Virtual Challenges of Walking or Running one of the following challenge distances 1km, 5km or 10km. This can then be done on the weekend of 16 & 17 October in their local area.
All participants entering one of the virtual challenge distances, will receive a Hunger Challenge Bib Number to wear when doing their challenge to help create awareness of their support and participation in the Hunger Challenge.
On completion of the challenge, participants can upload their time and be ranked on the leader boards as well as receive a Virtual Medal and printable certificate via email.

When can entries be done?
Individuals or groups can donate or enter one of the Virtual Challenge Distances any time between 21 August 2021 and 17 October 2021.
For those who do not want to do one of the physical challenges, they are welcome to make a donation only from the entry page and this would be much appreciated.

Where can I enter or donate?
Entries or donations can be done from this website on the following Link:

Where do I pay?
Payments are made online via Debit or Credit Card or via EFT payment to the Hunger Challenge. When selecting payment by EFT, the bank details to make the deposit will be emailed.

Who can participate in this project?
Anybody around the world, wishing to support sustainable projects that fight the problem of world hunger is welcome to get involved in the project.

How can people help fight world hunger?
People are encouraged to help create awareness of the challenge of World Hunger by entering this event and challenging others in their social networks to also take up the challenge. Like and follow the Hunger Challenge Facebook page and share the link to the web site

Can Companies get involved?
Companies are encouraged to support this Rotary District 9370 project as part of their social indicatives. Companies can do this by sponsoring the event of encouraging their staff to participate as a team building effort. Sponsorship can be done as a donation or by contacting the Hunger Challenge Team on

What Awareness Activities will take place for the Hunger Challenge on World Food Day?
All participating Rotary Clubs as well as many other organisation will be encouraged to host awareness activities on world Food Day 16 October 2021. The main activity planned will be the packing of the Ujabula Jars & Bags.

About Us

Hunger Challenge is an undertaking by

The Rotary Clubs of Hillcrest, Kloof, Pinetown & Westville

Cheryl Marx – Rotary Club of Pinetown
Wendy Mayall – Rotary Club of Pinetown
Colin Hegter – Rotary Club of Hillcrest
Yvonne Gilbert – Rotary Club of Hillcrest
Niki Rose – Rotary Club of Kloof
Selwyn Comrie – Rotary Club of Kloof
Ras Naidoo – Rotary Club of Westville
Sue Walker – Rotary Club of Westville